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Noghair Multi-Level Wash Brush
Noghair Multi-Level Wash Brush
Noghair Multi-Level Wash Brush
Item Code:TB-14X3CR
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Noghair Synthetic Fiber - Look & Feel of Hog Hair!
  • Excellent for Large Vehicle Washing and Solution Retention

  • Unique Shape for Safety Washing of Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Noghair Synthetic Fiber with Look & Feel of Hog Hair. Hi-Tech NoghairŪ Multi-Level Wash Brush is made of an advanced high quality synthetic fiber similar to hog hair which offers outstanding holding power for your car wash and waster mixture. The unique multi level design feature nearly 180 degrees of Noghair fiber bristles that clean well and minimizes the risk of the brush block coming into contact with the vehicle. The Noghair Wash Brush block allows for a standard threaded handle for ease of use and those hard to reach places.