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Magna Shine Clay Alternative Mitt
<b>Magna Shine Clay Alternative Mitt</b>
Magna Shine Clay Alternative Mitt
Item Code:MSPC-680
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Magna Shine Paint Correction Clay Alternative Mitt

  • Advanced Nano Technology Detail Clay Alternative

  • Removes Bonded Surface Contamination

  • Reusable and If Dropped Simply Rinse Clean

Magna Shine Paint Correction Mitts use an advanced nano-technology to replace the traditional detailing clay bars. They are safe and will easily remove bonded surface contamination such as bugs, pollen, rail dust, water spots, paint overspray and more. Simply use with your favorite detail spray or car wash and water mixture as a lubricant.

The Magna Shine Paint Correction Mitt is so easy to use, and if it is dropped, simply rinse clean continue use unlike traditional clay bars that would need to be thrown away.

Magna Shine Paint Correction Pad

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