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Hi-Tech Buffing & Polishing Pad Washer
<b>Hi-Tech Buffing & Polishing Pad Washer</b
Hi-Tech Buffing & Polishing Pad Washer
Item Code:PAW-01
Reg. $149.99
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Deep Cleans Wool, Foam and Microfiber Pads
  • For Use with DA Polishers and Rotary Buffers

  • Fast and Easy Pad Cleaning

Hi-Tech Buffing & Polishing Pad Washer. Buffing and Polishing Pad Washer. The Hi-Buff Pad Washer makes it super easy to wash and clean your polishing and buffing pads. The Hi-Buff pad Washer saves pad cleaning time as well as extending the life of your pads. Wash and clean your pads with your rotary buffer, dual action polisher and long throw polishers. Clean up well and it works with foam, wool, and microfiber pads.