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Interior Car Care
Interior Car Care

Fast, effective solutions for car interior care:

Tornador Black Car Cleaning Air Tool
Cleans dirty car interiors faster and easier!
Hi-Tech Burn Out Interior Upholstery Repair Kit
Hi-Tech Burn-Out Interior Repair Kit Refills 9-Pack
Hi-Tech Floor Mat Wash Clamp 4 Pack
Makes floor mat cleaning easier!
Hi-Tech Vinyl Plastic & Carpet Dye 11.25 oz. - You Pick
Hi-Tech Vinyl and Leather Cleaning Brush
Hi-Tech Deluxe Iron Carpet & Upholstery Brush with Scraper Blade
Hi-Tech Iron Handle Interior Carpet & Upholstery Brush
Hi-Tech Heavy Duty Nylon Whitewall, Tire & Carpet Brush
Hi-Tech Interior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Scrub Brush
Hi-Tech Long Reach Carpet & Mat Scrub Brush
Air Hose Nozzle
Hi-Tech Black 5" x 3.75" Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Round 5" Blue Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Round 5.5" Microfiber Pocket Wax Applicator 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Blue 5" x 3.75" Microfiber Wax Applicator 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Blue 4" x 6" Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad 12-Pack
Total Release Odor Eliminator - Choice of Fragrance - Case of 12
<b>Odor Bomb 12 Pack Bulk Special</b>
<b>No Smoke Deodorizer by Dakota Products Case of 12</b>
12-Pack Special!
Clean Air Odor Eliminator 12 Pack
<b>Dakota Super Scent Pad 40 Pack</b>
Ultimate DA Polisher Shampoo Brush
Turn your DA polisher into a interior shampoo machine!
Hi Tech Detailing Brush
Hi-Tech Carpet & Upholstery 5" Wood Block Rotary Buffer Scrub Brush
Horse Hair Dash & Vent Detail Brush
Pet Hair Rock - Case of 24
Magna Shine Pet Hair and Lint Remover
Hi-Tech Pet Hair Removal Brush
Plastic Razor Blades - Double Edge 100 Pack - Case of 10 (1,000 Blades)
Hi-Tech Magna Chips Premium Air Freshener 50 Pack
Hi-Tech Dr Foamy Enzyme Carpet Cleaner 18 oz. - Case 12
Hi-Tech Fabric Protector 14.5 oz. - Case 12
Hi-Tech Insta-Gloss Vinyl Coating 12 oz. 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Super Shot Carpet Spotter 19 oz. - Case 12
Microfiber Towels Bulk 100 Pack
Hi-Tech 100% Terry Cloth 20" x 20" Detail Towels - 12 Pack