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Interior Car Care
Interior Car Care

Fast, effective solutions for car interior care:

Hi Tech Vinyl Carpet & Plastic Dye Black 15 oz.
Permanent, Won't Crack Split or Peel.
Magna Shine Microva Hybrid Drying Cloth
New Hybrid Technology
Tornador Black Car Cleaning Air Tool
Cleans dirty car interiors faster and easier!
Hi-Tech Burn Out Interior Upholstery Repair Kit
Hi-Tech Burn-Out Interior Repair Kit Refills 9-Pack
Hi-Tech Floor Mat Wash Clamp 4 Pack
Makes floor mat cleaning easier!
Hi-Tech Vinyl Plastic & Carpet Dye 11.25 oz. - You Pick
Hi Tech Dual Sided Vent Dash & Crevice Detail Brush
Hi Tech Double Sided Detail Brush
Hi-Tech Vinyl and Leather Cleaning Brush
Hi-Tech Deluxe Iron Carpet & Upholstery Brush with Scraper Blade
Hi-Tech Iron Handle Interior Carpet & Upholstery Brush
Hi-Tech Heavy Duty Nylon Whitewall, Tire & Carpet Brush
Hi-Tech Interior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Scrub Brush
Hi-Tech Long Reach Carpet & Mat Scrub Brush
Air Hose Nozzle
Hi-Tech Black 5" x 3.75" Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Round 5" Blue Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Round 5.5" Microfiber Pocket Wax Applicator 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Blue 5" x 3.75" Microfiber Wax Applicator 12-Pack
Hi-Tech Blue 4" x 6" Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad 12-Pack
Total Release Odor Eliminator - Choice of Fragrance - Case of 12
<b>Odor Bomb 12 Pack Bulk Special</b>
<b>No Smoke Deodorizer by Dakota Products Case of 12</b>
12-Pack Special!
Clean Air Odor Eliminator 12 Pack
<b>Dakota Super Scent Pad 40 Pack</b>
Ultimate DA Polisher Shampoo Brush
Turn your DA polisher into a interior shampoo machine!
Hi Tech Auto Detailing Vent and Dash Brush
Hi-Tech Carpet & Upholstery 5" Wood Block Rotary Buffer Scrub Brush
Short Bristle DA Polisher Shampoo Brush
Long Bristle DA Polisher Shampoo Brush
Horse Hair Dash & Vent Detail Brush
Pet Hair Rock - Case of 24
Magna Shine Pet Hair and Lint Remover
Hi-Tech Pet Hair Removal Brush
Plastic Razor Blades - Double Edge 100 Pack - Case of 10 (1,000 Blades)
Hi-Tech Magna Chips Premium Air Freshener 50 Pack
Hi-Tech Dr Foamy Enzyme Carpet Cleaner 18 oz.
Hi-Tech Fabric Protector 14.5 oz.
Hi-Tech Insta-Gloss Vinyl Coating 12 oz.
Hi-Tech Super Shot Carpet Spotter 19 oz.
Microfiber Towels Bulk 100 Pack
Hi-Tech 100% Terry Cloth 20" x 20" Detail Towels - 12 Pack