Interior Car Care
Interior Car Care

Fast, effective solutions for car interior care:
  • Handi-wipe towels for leather and multi-surface treatment!

  • Spray & wipe products for a crisp, factory look!

  • Premium creams for intensive leather care!

Your carís interior is like your home away from home. Keep it clean, fresh and properly protected with Meguiarís premium carpet, upholstery, vinyl and leather car products.

Odor Control
Odor Eliminator Solutions.
Ultimate DA Polisher Shampoo Brush
Turn your DA polisher into a interior shampoo machine!
Horse Hair Dash & Vent Detail Brush
Soft bristles for interior dusting.
Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush
Geniune Horse Hair Leather Brush provides safe and effective cleaning for your leather interior surfaces.
SM Arnold Large Vent & Dash
Large natural boar's hair brush for fast & easy dash detailing!
<b>SM Arnold Detail Stix 100 Pack</b>
Remove wax and dirt from emblems, moldings!
"Bones" Detail Stix
Great for vents and hard to reach places.
Pet Hair Rock
Removes fur & hair quickly and efficiently from carpet and upholstery.