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Auto Detailing Clay
Auto Detailing Clay

Detail clay is the professional paint preparation tool:
  • Slicks and smoothes paint like magic!

  • Removes stubborn paint contamination!

  • Makes polishing & waxing easier & faster!

Automotive detailing clay (detail clay bar) is a professional paint care tool thatís now available to consumers. Detail clay quickly, easily and safely removes paint contamination simply buy rubbing the product on your carís paint. You can use a detail clay bar to erase insects, tar, oxidation, road grime, diesel soot, paint overspray, factory fallout, surface rust spots and more. Plus, detail clay is not only for your carís paint. Use it on your wheels to remove heavy, caked-on brake dust contamination.

You may not think you need detail clay, but your eyes can deceive you. After a thorough washing, feel your carís paint and glass. Those rough spots, bumps and dry-feeling areas are cause by contamination that wonít wash off! When you clay your car it will smooth and slick the paint to a level you never dreamed possible with so little work.