SM Arnold Accessories
SM Arnold Accessories

Auto Detailing Supplies
  • High Quality Detailing Accesories!

  • Car Wash Mitts - Brushes - Applicator Pads!

  • Water Sprite Chamois - A Professional Standard!

SM Arnold Auto Detailing Supplies. High quality and affordable car wash mitts, brushes, chamois, applicator pads and more.

<b>SM Arnold Medium Duty Speedy Drill Cleaning Brush  </b>
SM Arnold Water Sprite Chamois WS50
The original synthetic chamois!
SM Arnold Horse Hair Detail Brush
Horse hair for safe & effective final detailing!
SM Arnold Large Vent & Dash
Large natural boar's hair brush for fast & easy dash detailing!
Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush
Geniune Horse Hair Leather Brush provides safe and effective cleaning for your leather interior surfaces.