Meguiar's Mirror Glaze
Meguiar's Mirror Glaze

The #1 Professional Grade Brand on the Market!
  • Premium Car Polishes, Compounds & Paint Cleaners!

  • Longest-lasting Paint Sealants!

  • Slickest, Cleanest Wiping Spray Detailers!

The Meguiar's Mirror Glaze brand is synonymous with professional grade. That's because for more than 100 years, Mirror Glaze polishes and waxes have been developed for professional use and embraced by car manufacturers, body shops, and detailers alike.

Meguiars M101 Foam Cut Compound
World-Class Compound, now available in the USA.
Meguiar's M205 Ultra Finishing Polish 12 oz.
Produces a deep gloss and rich, swirl-free results.
Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut Compound 12 oz.
Micro abrasive technology leaves a best in class finish!
Meguiar's M10501 Ultra Cut - M20501 Ultra Finishing Combo
Get the Meguiar's M105 M205 Gallon Combo For Only $159.99!
Meguiar's M10532 Ultra Cut - M20532 Ultra Finishing Combo
Get the Meguiar's M105/M205 Quart Combo For Only $54.99!
Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound 32 oz.
A professional solution for all of your compounding needs.
Meguiar's M21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0 16 oz.
Technologically advanced paint care visually eliminates swirls while protecting for months!
Meguiars Vinyl & Rubber Conditioner (M40) 32 oz.
Now available in 32 oz.
Meguiar's M66 Quick Detailer Polish 12 oz.
Safely removes oxidation and blemishes while it provides a durable wax finish!
1-Gal Meguiar's M23 Odor Eliminator
Permanently removes the toughest odors!