Lake Country Pads
Lake Country Pads

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Welcome Lake Country Customers! We take great pride in our large selection and low prices. We offer a low price match or beat policy. Find a lower price on any of our Lake Country single pads or bulk packages and we'll match it or beat it! Competitors shipping cost are calculated into the overall price and we reserve the right to not honor clearance or closeout sales, some ebay auction prices or a price that may be sold at a loss or minimal profit. Please email us for price matching or beating approval before placing your order. Price matching is at the discretion of our company. No refunds from previously placed orders.

Lake Country Microfiber Pads
Lake Country Microfiber Pads!
Lake Country Hybrid Force Pads
New Hybrid Technology!
Lake Country 2 Inch Foam Polishing Pads
New 2 Inch Size!
Take your intricate polishing to the next level!
Lake Country Thin Low Profile Flat Pads
Large variety, multiple sizes.
Lake Country Hydro Tech
Low Profile "Thin" 5.5" Pads.
Lake Country CCS Euro Foam Applicator Pads
CCS Euro Foam Applicators out-perform traditional Applicators.
Lake Country 3" CCS Pads
3"CCS Pads
Lake Country 4" CCS Pads
4" CCS Pads
Lake Country CCS 5.5" Pads
5.5" CCS Pads
Lake Country HP CCS 6.5" Pads
6.5" CCS Pads
Lake Country Purple Foamed Wool Pads
Patented process of combining lambswool and foam.
Lake Country Backing Plates
All Sizes - Outstanding Features.
Lake Country Rayon Glass Pads
Effectively level and remove light scratches and water spots.
Pad Cleaning Powder 1 Bag
Cleans & softens all pads!