We have the proper applicator for every detailing job!
  • Wax and polish applicators.

  • Dressing & protectant applicators.

  • Pin-point applicators.

As the saying goes, use the right tool for the job, and we have them. At ADS, we offer a wide selection of polish, wax and dressing applicators because one size does not fit all needs.

<b>Lake Country CCS Euro Foam Applicator Pads</b>
Precision Coating Applicator Pad
For use with coating applications.
Precision Coating Applicator Pad 6-Pack
For use with coating applications.
Curved Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Pad
Curved pad allows for even application on tires.
SM Arnold Detail Stix 100 Pack
Remove wax and dirt from emblems, moldings!